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House of Soi is a brand inspired by all things positive in life. 

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The Bloom story This collection is inspired by the lush and vibrant beauty of the sonoran desert located in the northern parts of America. Each piece in this collection is... Read More

Note from the designer

Designer Sarika Pawar wants the flow and feel of the fabric to take the wearer back to their favourite beach holiday. Where one would lounge comfortably at the shore sipping cocktails, dipping their feet in the water or just running across the sand. The collection tries to express the feeling of being free, being you and being uninhibitedly happy.

These ensembles are fun, feminine and easily transition from day to night. Making it an easy choice for a day on the beach to a party or even a work from home outfit to a quick evening soiree; just like the many moods of the sea. You will also see a lot of techniques that are symbolic to the crashing waves like ruffles, puffed sleeves, ruched waistlines and the subtle use of delicate lace for the foam that forms upon the waves crashing on the shore.

Note from the designer